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I am passionate about the power of words. I believe that writers are thinkers, and thinkers are readers. With knowledge and the understanding of how words are the most powerful weapon known to men, we can build bridges with the best intentions.

I write because I believe in connecting. I'd like to see more positivity in the written words, especially those published. I am an advocate for responsible and accountable content creation. I especially believe that writing must be with purpose for the intention of impact creation.

I received my first degree education at the School of Journalism, University of Missouri-Columbia USA. I came home with a Bachelors in Journalism (BJ) which caught the eyes of many employers who did not know what to do with a "BJ" in a world of BA and BSc only. I had to learn the hard way, but to date, enjoying the journey this path has taken me.

I continued my learning with an MSc in Corporate Communication from Universiti Putra Malaysia and graduated in the year 2000. I thought, that was where I belonged but almost immediately found out that employment was not for me.

Although, I did have a stint as a lecturer, which I truly acknowledge as the best time of my life...having the opportunity to make a different and create impact to so many young lives, who today are still very good friends with me. I feel most blessed and fortunate.

I was headhunted by a Media Guru in 2009 to support her contract with Universiti Malaya, and I stayed with the partnership for 4-years as the Media Advisor to the International and Corporate Relations office under the VC's purview. We worked with Professor Ghauth until his retirement. Upon which I decided to start my own Editorial PR outfit, focused only on the written words.

Six years later, I have expanded the business with additional verticals for training, workshops and retreats, mostly in the support of writers to discover, uncover and recover their talent.

Today, I enjoy seeking out projects that takes me out of my comfort zone. I'd like to do more retainer work where I get to be engaged as a consultant while supporting their communication needs via editorial platforms.

My favourite projects include social media updates, newsletters, blogging, and coffee table books. I also do translation work from English to Malay and Malay to English. All of these jobs exposes me to a variety of industries that allows me to delve into a myriad perspective of possibilities to learning.

I love my job because it gives me the world.

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Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)

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10 Oct, 1997 - 7 Jul, 2000

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