What is Rtist?

We connect businesses to the right local creative talents in minutes, while empowering creative talents to be visible and get hired.

Our Mission


We're on a mission to build a creative world for creatives; with focus on securing jobs, resources and opportunities.


To create a positive impact to the creative industry, and elevate creative Talents within the community, and to the world.


To empower over 1 million local creatives and develop their creative entrepreneur journey.

The Origin of Rtist

Rtist was founded in 2018 by siblings, Tony and Chloe. Both of them came from a design background; Tony was an industrial designer, while Chloe was a graphic designer.

Tony felt the urge to create a platform where businesses could connect to the right local creative talents and shorten the hiring process.

He understood that a wrong hire was ultimately costly and time consuming. With this idea in mind, they formed Rtist, pivoting the business from an agency to a Creative Platform.

Rtist is able to create more job opportunities for local creative talents to be seen and be connected to potential clients.

Our Milestones

  • Established Rtist Creative Platform (www.rtist.com.my)
2018 Dream Factory 2018 SAP 2018 Magic 2018 Selangor International Summit
  • Top 10 in the Dream Factory startup competition
  • Top 5 SITEC - Selangor Accelerator Programme (SAP)
  • Top 30 MaGIC - Global Accelerator Programme (GAP)
  • Selangor Rising Star Award
2019 Cradle 2019 Create
  • Cradle CIP300 - RM300K Grant receipiant
  • 2nd runner-up at Create@Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest
2020 Mystartr
  • Raised RM1,000,000 from Mystartr Equity Crowd Funding
2021 MDA 2021 Awards 20
  • Bronze - MDA: Best Platform Development Award
  • Rtist Creative Platform achieved 6,000 local talents
Dedagang button
  • Selected as one of the 17 Digital Platform Partners of the JMKM@DE DAGANG initiative.
  • Launch Rtist.co with quotation and escrow payment features.
  • Rtist Office Move to GMBB KL.
  • MOU with a total of 32 schools to empower creative talent for hiring.
  • Launch Creative Job Seeker Directory.


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