3D visualiser

3D render a ground floor house of around 70m2 with the following sizes:

Bedroom - 14.2m2 (4 rendering shots)

Bathroom - 6.7m2 - (2 rendering shots)

Kitchen dining room - 15.6m2 (4 rendering shots)

Living room - 12.8m2 - (4 rendering shots)

Veranda - 11.3m (4 rendering shots)

The visualiser will need to work with the creative director based on the materials list and moodboards.

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Housing, Interior visualization, Architectural Visualisation

Company Details

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00000, Downtown Core, Central Region, Singapore

Company Size

5 - 30 Employees

Expired in Jan 17, 2024
Job Type Freelance
Job Location Anywhere
Working Style Remote (Talent work off-site)
Creative Category Architecture and Landscaping
Budget RM 3,000 - 4,000 / Project Basis
Deadline Dec 10, 2023